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Love is the most beautiful and pure feeling in the universe. But if there is no spiritual connection, it might not really be a match made in heaven. A spiritual connection is deeper than earthly desires or surface needs. It is like when two souls are pulled towards each other and are in complete sync. Two individuals have a spiritual connection if they are completely aligned. They are like pieces of the puzzle which fit together perfectly. You must have often heard of the ‘perfect chemistry’ between two people. You get that perfect chemistry only with a spiritual connection; only when you unite certain elements do you get a whole. Spiritual connections often go really deep. Once you feel the spark, you would be closer to that person; almost like you would feel with people in your family. You know that sensation when you feel like you have known that person all your life. Probably at some deeper level, you do. Only when you are spiritually connected can you feel totally at ease with that person. All of us have double sides to our personality. Two people you are close with; you show one side of your personality and to the public you show another one. But when you are spiritually close with someone, you would be able to drop that other side of you and be the real you. Spiritual connection doesn’t mean sharing hobbies, religion, interests, education or political ideologies. The sharing goes deeper than that – you share your principles, your values; you tend to look at the world in the same way. One can never know if you would ever spiritually connect with someone; if you would find that chemistry. All you can do is ‘try’ and give it a chance. But if and when you do connect with that someone spiritually it is sure to take your relationship to a totally different level. It is that connection which would drive the passion of your relationship because your body, mind and soul are one.











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