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Tree of Life

Rowan - Thinker
January 21 - February 17 You are Rowan, the thinker as per your Celtic sign. Rowan mind is most tilted towards philosophy and if you are born under this Celtic tree sign, it is highly likely that you are a visionary and a creative individual who has original ideas. You may be a cool individual, but a passionate fire rules you from the inside. People sometimes misunderstand you as they are not able to connect with the deep thoughts being conveyed in what you say. Being a highly influential and inspiring individual, you gel well and partner well with the signs of Ivy and Hawthorn.

Ash - The Enchanter
February 18 - March 17 As per the Celtic tree of life, you are Ash, the Enchanter. You are imaginative, free thinker and are artistic in several aspects. You can be very moody and withdrawn, but are brought back to the world by your muse. You are inspired by nature and are successful in luring or enchanting people with your charms or talks. Art, poetry and theology interest you a lot. You are one of those signs to create your own fantasy filled mystical world and the opinions of others matters less to you. Being one of the most attractive and enchanting signs, you find a deep and real connection mostly with the signs of Willow and Reed.

Alder - The Trailblazer
March 18 - April 14 You are Alder, the Trailblazer. You happen to be a pathfinder for yourself as well as the others. You would be one of the fairest and most passionate individuals of the lot and once you have gained followers for your cause, there is no stopping you from achieving anything that you ever wanted. You are a charming individual with an unprecedented pull which is why people almost always love and push to hang out or even just spend some time with you if possible. As a Celtic sign, you dislike making wastes and are very focused in your approach. Motivated by both results as well as the actions, you pair extremely well with the Oaks and Hawthorns.

Willow - The Observer
April 15 - May 12 As for your Celtic sign, you are Willow, the observer. You are one of the most intelligent individuals and possess a keen understanding of the reality as compared to the other three signs. Even though the sign and the bearer hold a lot of potential and intelligence, they often tend to under perform to show the people that they are not over indulgent. You have a natural ability to understand things and retain knowledge like none of the other signs which makes your perceptions and line of thoughts somewhat elite as compared to them. Even though you inspire others well, you gel well with only a few selected signs like the Birch and Ivy.

Hawthorn - The Illusionist
May 13 - June 9 Just like the moon sign you belong to, your Celtic sign of Hawthorn the Illusionist makes you live up to the persona of the individual who can't be judged by how they look or appear to be, making the perfect illusion for everyone out there. You might be quiet outside, but carry a creative flame inside of you, which only a selected few get to see and experience. You have a good sense of humor and being a patient listener makes you the most preferred individual, for people releasing their burdens with. Even though you do not like to credit yourself, you have a strong and good insight that helps you make the right choice. Good signs to pair with include Ash and Rowan.

Oak - The Stabilizer
June 10 - July 7 As per your Celtic sign, you are Oak the Stabilizer- the personification of strength in the tree of life. You are very protective in nature and there is no doubt that you are the voice of the weak and suppressed individuals. Many of you are open to sharing knowledge which is why there is a highly likely chance that you would end up as teachers, mentors and counselors. You have a very positive outlook towards life on a whole and your oozing confidence powers you for the best. Oaks often gives monumental efforts to make sure that they are able to gain the control of their lives and pair well with Ash and Reed.











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